I am Val Mack, and I am passionate about your success.

As a strategic leader at a Fortune 500 company for over 25 years, my job has been to make sure the company meets its goals – something that cannot happen without the employees meeting individual professional goals. I have had the privilege of creating and leading top-performing teams by building authentic relationships as well as helping team members maximize their effectiveness.

It has been my responsibility to help individuals meet their goals. Along the way, I have developed a holistic, organic coaching approach that motivates the individual towards overall success.

My consulting and coaching techniques combine analysis, strategy, and connection to achieve lasting change. I can help you uncover what matters most and will work with you to develop an organized, optimal plan to accomplish your desired business or personal objectives. I can help you discover your path to an integrated work/life balance, which leads to greater satisfaction and increased confidence.

My goal is to guide you towards your goal.